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Our personal number also helps us to know what is our tarot card, personality, destiny in love, etc. Red is a color that always attracts attention and depending on what color it is combined with, it can change its symbology. In any case, red people are passionate, leaders by nature, always have a lot of energy and are great entrepreneurs. Sometimes they can be a bit giddy since they usually do not reflect before acting.

That is why the red candle, which represents love, passion and action, is the candle for you. Orange people are beings who love communication.

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They are sociable and community. The orange candle will serve to continue strengthening your communication skills and also for studies.

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Since you usually get in touch with many people, they tend to absorb your energy. The orange candle will help you recover it. They are people with a lot of knowledge and talent to project and manifest.

They usually get bored easily and because of this, they need a job that stimulates them on a daily basis. They tend to be very mental and consequently, their fatigue comes from the amount of thoughts and reasoning that goes through their head during the day. That is why the yellow candle will help you to continue radiating your special energy.

This candle also provides clarification of ideas and clarity in the face of a confused situation. They need their space to display their talents and therefore, they usually work better alone than in company. The green candle is perfect for you because it will help you improve communication with others, provide good health, rejuvenation and fertility if you are waiting for a child.

The blue people usually have a lot of calm and inner peace, they are diplomatic, educated, refined, elegant and with very good taste. The blue candle is perfect for you as it helps you project your personal characteristics. This will give you peace, patience and tranquility.

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