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We dedicate this website to the Most Noble Messenger Muhammad and to the people of his household, the Ahlul Bayt, salutations and peace be upon them all. January 03 Winter Break. Welcome to the Boston Higashi School. List of the Islamic festivals and religious days. All dates listed are for wide releases in the United States and in most cases Canada. The three day event was attended by senior Government officials who led a keynotes briefing programme.

Urdu calendar - Islamic calendar: Free Android app 4. The Akademi works for the benefit of the Urdu knowing public through its schemes such as giving scholarships to students.

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You can get more than one meaning for one word in Urdu. What does hindsight is mean? Information and translations of hindsight is in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Share this awesome New year Urdu Shayari with your friends and family. Search for events by filtering by a calendar in the right sidebar or by typing in a keyword below. Dalton, OH Phone: The latest prior leap year occurred in and the next will be in Tag: Urdu Calendar June 5, Meaning "the Feast of Sacrifice," the holiday commemorates the offering of Ishmael by Ibrahim Abraham to Allah, according to the Koranic account.

Read about Independence Day in Pakistan in Imagine a schoolIn which all children achieve at high levels, regardless of their backgrounds That treats all children as gifted, and builds on their talents through enrichment strategies, independent research, problem solving, science, writing,music and art. Event Calendar. Just like the Hijri calendar that spans one Hijri year, this calendar is valid for one Gregorian year. No internet required - Offline calendar urdu calendar offline urdu calendar is a free almanac calendar app.

Islamic Calendar Ummul Qura Our school calendar includes everything happening at Epic Charter Schools. Additionally you can view also leap years, daylight saving, current moon phase in , moon calendar , world clocks and more by selecting an. Our families only make our calendar better. Latest News, Read Breaking news updates about In their most basic spoken form, Hindi and Urdu are mutually intelligible, particularly in urban centers in north India.

Image Properties. B, India Phone: The FREE annual geospatial show designed for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivering of geospatial information. View the current and upcoming Academic Calendar for St. Class Calendar. Urdu Calendar Aries are naturally Hot-Headed people and Mars rules them thoroughly.

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The calendar below includes all district events and schedule information. Friday, January 03 Winter Break. Helping communities meet housing needs and connecting people with housing assistance. The Bloomington Farmers Market is a weekly gathering on Saturday's in which farmers, growers and producers sell their own products directly to the public.

The Presbyterian Planning Calendar is available now. Sovereign are specialists in award-winning luxury holidays, offering premium holidays to families, couples, and groups looking for a slice of paradise. Phalguna and Chaitra are the lunar months corresponding to March.

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Our school community is driven by our four core values of caring, quality, commitment and collaboration. It is, of course, the Coors Light Birds Nest. An information release issued by the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development listing the significant dates, including first and last day of school, holidays and breaks, etc. Items per page. Urdu , , ,, , , Home; Privacy Policy; Contact; loading. Now, these evolutions are continuing with an increased intensity, starting from August 11, when Jupiter enters the house of partnerships and marriage.

As Saturn and Pluto enter a retrograde motion,you might want to restructure their social life during March-May and to avoid certain friends that might envy you. A warm conversation or the chance to restart a relationship with someone makes the beginning of June very special and optimistic for you.

After a few weeks full of events, the next ones can be calmer and easier to pass. There are also positive aspects of these influences because true friends act in an atmosphere of mutual support. With Jupiter in transit through the house of marriage, it is very possible for the to find your soulmate. Or, in case of those who already have a partner, to take important steps for consolidating their relationship: engagement rings, wedding invitations, choosing godparents and, in some cases, even plans for buying diapers and baby carriages.

The most compatible zodiac signs with the Pisces natives in love are: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. You want endless love, you are very romantic and not without reason you are considered some of the greatest lovers of the zodiac. They are passionate and they can form a splendid couple with the Scorpio natives, these exemplary syrupy lovers, but also with the Cancer, who will profess the eternal love they so desperately seek.

When we look for our soul mate and we want a good couple relationship, we need to take into account the things we have in common. In terms of money, is going to be a very good year. Between May and August , friends will pay attention to the opinions of the natives born under this zodiac signs because they are going to be more active and more visible. The relationships with your bosses and your colleagues might be more problematic and must be treated skillfully and casually.

You will try to bring order in your documents and bank accounts. Attention though! However, the situation gets balanced by Saturn, which allows you to correct your mistakes, when necessary. The realism, one of your best characteristics , and your innate common sense will help you avoid any future issues if you pay attention to details. Between April and July , you will have a lot of work to do, the deadlines will be very tight and they will have to deal with situations when you have to prove your leadership spirit, decision capacity, courage, cold blood, fast reactions and competitive skills.

Only after the first trimester of the year, your efforts and sustained work will start to show fruit. It is not indicated to diversify your professional activity during this year. Focus on one or two projects and mobilize yourself only in that direction. You may expect better results in the fields like your health, business, education and love.

Saturn would enter in Capricorn sign in the 2nd house of your horoscope on January At the commencement of the year, Rahu would be in the 7th house in Gemini sign and later on, it would enter Taurus sign in 6th house on September Jupiter would enter Capricorn sign in your 2nd house on March It would transit back in Sagittarius on June 30 after becoming retrograde and again would enter in Capricorn zodiac sign in your 2nd house after becoming direct.

Venus would be combust during the term starting from May 29 to June Detailed Sagittarius Horoscope is given below:.

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  • This year seems to be moderate for your economic health. You will, on one hand, enjoy substantial economic gains this year. On the other, there is a possibility of expenditure during marriage ceremony taking place within your family in the month of January. Once Saturn transits in your second house i. However, you need to be careful during March-May, as it may lead you towards losses or expenditure may occur. You may also renovate your home during this period.

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    You may consider buying or selling your assets. If you have any court litigation, you would get success in it this year. There may be a possibility of bad health of any family member of yours. Expenditure may incur for their treatment. Overall this year looks average for you. Planetary positions can cause certain health issues and to get rid of such ailments, you need to follow remedies and for that period, when planetary positions are unfavourable, avoid doing certain things. According to the prediction for , your health will remain good throughout the year. Your sixth house of disease is being ruled by planet Venus.

    Venus looks strong and stable in your horoscope this year. There is a slight decline in your health during the months of April-May and August. However, it would not affect you much.

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    You will easily recover. You need to take care of your parent's health in the month of January. Overall, this year is good for your health but not of your mother. This year, natives of Sagittarius sign may expect excellent results in terms of career. At the beginning of the year, 5 planets would be in your Lagna the ascendant.

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    In the month of January, the time period is good for you. Your 11th lord Venus would be in your 2nd house, which is creating a dhan yoga for you this month. Your income will be good during this period. Your tenth lord Mercury is positioned well throughout the year. Your 2nd and 3rd houses lord Saturn would transit in your second house in the month of January.

    After January, you may have to put lots of efforts to achieve your goal owing to the placement of your third lord in the second house. In the month of January-February, there is a possibility of getting a sudden unexpected Job, which may increase your income. During the months of April-May, you may switch your job and can get an increment on your current salary. Jupiter will remain in your Lagna most of the year, so your luck will always be in your favour due to the positive aspect of Jupiter at your ninth house.

    You may also choose your career in the fields related to spirituality, healing, medicinal etc. During April-May, you may get a job offer from abroad or else some expenses are likely to incur. Once Rahu changes its sign from Gemini to Taurus in the month of September, it will help you in your career-related matters. It would bring good results at career front. Your enemies will be defeated.